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Chocolate Mousse – quick and easy

I’m pretty partial to chocolate and a few days ago decided to whip up chocolate mousse. Here is my super simple chocolate mousse consisting of 4 ingredients.

Avocado Maki Roll

One of my all-time favourite foods is avocado sushi, because it tastes so so good and the simple flavours together with the soy sauce are just YUM!


One of my favourite foods ever since I started eating solids has been lasagne. While it didn’t feature on the menu nearly as often as I would have liked as a kid, I’m now in charge of cooking so I make it every couple of weeks. It also keeps well and works perfectly as leftovers … Continue reading Lasagne

Pizza buns

Some days you just need a quick dinner and these quick pretzel based pizza buns are just right for that.

Soft pretzels

Ever since I was a child, I have loved pretzels and their variations – pretzel sticks, pretzel buns and pretzel knots. This recipe always hits the spot when I crave something I enjoyed so much as a child.

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