I love cooking just as much as I love eating and getting in the kitchen to create a tasty meal is something I find (typically) pretty relaxing after a demanding day of work and training.

Right now, in March 2020, it has been eight months since I started thinking about starting this blog and there were countless reasons why I didn’t get to it until now.

With the recent development of the corona virus pandemic from ‘something that happened in China’ to a global health crisis that will affect all of us, I realised that now is the time I need to start writing this blog.

I love food and I care about making delicious, nutritious meals that we love to eat and that make us feel good.

My food isn’t fancy, doesn’t use complicated techniques or ingredients. It’s stuff everyone can recreate, as long as they’re willing to try some new flavours.

My passion for cooking started in 2004 and my humble beginnings were cooking magazine recipes which I devoured just as quickly as the resulting meals. I cooked and baked with a lot of enthusiasm for many years and when I went vegan in 2008 my approach to food shifted completely.

Through years of experimenting with my diet from ‘just veganising everything’ to eating only raw foods, to once again whipping up dishes for anyone willing to sample, I have developed a preference for healthy, vegan meals that rely heavily on vegetables, grains, fresh herbs and flavoursome spices.

I went through a few years of pretty minimalist cooking when living by myself and kind of lost my mojo. Moving to London in summer 2019 resulted in a new found love for cooking and baking and today my typical day includes about an hour to an hour and a half each evening spent washing, chopping, cooking, mixing, stirring, seasoning and then eating yummy food.

I also started baking sourdough bread since getting a starter from my friend Amanda in February, so every week features one or two loaves of bread which are typically gone pretty quickly.

We’re hungry triathletes with a busy schedule or working, training and recovering, and making food that supports this lifestyle gives me joy.

With this blog I want to inspire you to try some new dishes. Chances are, vegan meals aren’t typically on your dinner menu. Let me assure you that I have high expectations of food. It needs to be tasty, flavoursome and nutritious, not just some ready-made stuff that is microwaved and chucked on a plate.

So my promise to you is that among the many recipes you will find here over time, you will discover some new favourites. Keep an open mind. Don’t expect it to taste like chicken (it won’t), but embrace new flavours, textures and most of all – share it with those you love. I will do the same.