How this blog works

Fuss-free, delicious food that nourishes you for your adventures.

What to expect from this blog

As a big fan of cooking and eating, I have used a lot of recipes that I find on food blogs from across the globe.

Something that bothers me on many food blogs is that they are covered in advertisement, contain 10 pictures that are almost identical – of just one dish – and include a 2000 word essay about the history and emotions behind the recipe. To each their own and I know these kind of things are important when people make a living off their blog.

This blog is different. I paid a little extra to ensure there are no ads on this page, except the wordpress footer. The recipes will be short and to the point, no fluffy backstories that you don’t want to read anyway. A short introduction, the recipe and that’s it.

You’ll get pictures too. For now they are quick photos that admittedly aren’t that great. Once we have installed better lighting in our kitchen, this will change. One or two pictures per recipe will probably be enough to give you an idea.

Where possible I will include videos if I think the recipe will benefit from a more thorough and interactive explanation.

I hope you’ll enjoy this, it’s essentially a recipe collection with the occasional banter included.

My food philosophy

The focus for my recipes is wholesome, delicious food that provides the right fuel for our activities as triathletes.

I will only post recipes that we genuinely enjoy and think are worth sharing.

All my recipes are vegan and contain mostly whole foods. I do use sugar, oils and a small range of ‘processed’ foods like nut butters, sriracha sauce, soy sauce, nut milks and creams.